A preschool-aged girl sits on her mother’s lap in a patient room while a long-haired female doctor shows her the laryngosocopy scope with a lighted ti

Pediatric pulmonary team offers laryngoscopy

Procedure helps diagnose pulmonary and sleep conditions


A new diagnostic tool is available to pediatric patients experiencing pulmonary and sleep-related challenges: flexible laryngoscopy.

This bedside procedure is being offered in the pediatric pulmonology and sleep clinics at UC Davis Health. The procedure is performed by passing a fiberoptic laryngoscope via nasal passage with mild local anesthetic. This procedure is not offered in other pediatric pulmonology clinics in the Sacramento area.

“The procedure provides useful information about the patient’s upper airway anatomy and the possible reasons for upper airway obstruction such as enlarged tonsils, adenoid, nasal turbinate, lingual tonsils, laryngomalacia and more,” said Kiran Nandalike, chief of pediatric pulmonology at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. “The findings of this procedure can guide physicians and families on the best management strategies for their pulmonary and sleep-related conditions.”

The equipment was funded by Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis.