Doctor wearing white gown and stethoscope and holding globe in hands

Register for the NorCal Symposium on Climate, Health, and Equity

CME for health professionals, students, researchers and policymakers


Join us for the 3rd annual NorCal Symposium on Climate, Health and Equity, hosted by UC Davis. This continuing medical education (CME) opportunity is for students, trainees, health professionals, researchers and policymakers interested in climate crisis and its links to health inequities. The symposium will be held virtually on September 23rd, 2022, from 12 pm to 6 pm PT. 

We are so excited to be the hosts this year. Our student-driven symposium is organized jointly by UC Davis, Stanford and UCSF. It is focused on advocacy and promoting health equity through climate action in Northern California,” said Angela Haczku, associate dean of research at UC Davis and chair of the symposium. 

Climate change and health equity

Climate change is a critical issue in the U.S. and globally. Record heat waves, wildfires, floods and storms continue to threaten the health and viability of communities. The poorest and those of color are the most vulnerable to these compounded environmental stressors. Healthcare providers have a critical role to safeguard the health of their communities.

Doctor wearing white gown and stethoscope and holding globe in hands

“It has never been clearer that the health of our patients is determined less by what happens within our hospital and clinic walls and more by the policies that shape our patients’ and communities’ life, health, rights, and well-being,” said Lisa Harshad Patel, assistant professor at Stanford and co-chair.

The keynote speaker is Heather McMullen, a reproductive justice expert at the Centre for Public Health and Policy, Wolfson Institute of Population Health, University of London. The symposium will also include a health care CEO roundtable. Leaders from Stanford Health Care, UCSF Health, UC Davis Health and Asia Pacific Environmental Network will discuss their institutional action plans for climate mitigation and adaptation.

“We prepared a great lineup of speakers and panelists who are experts in climate change, health care sustainability, and health effects of air pollution and wildfires,” Haczku said.

This symposium is suitable for:

  • Health professionals, including clinicians, nurses, sustainability experts and administrators
  • Faculty, researchers, students and trainees of Northern California medical organizations – health systems and research campuses
  • California policymakers and environmental justice groups

For more information on the conference and CME registration details, visit the website. Click here to register for the symposium.