Vincent Paracuelles, B.S.N., RN

Vincent Paracuelles, B.S.N., RN
Inpatient Renal Dialysis Services


I'm writing to nominate Vincent Paracuelles of Renal Services for the DAISY Award. Vincent’s role as ANII in the Inpatient Renal Services department has impacts from clinical, quality, process, change agent, and leadership. Vincent was crucial in the move and expansion of Inpatient Renal Dialysis to the UT1 space in 2020 – establishing new workflows and educating the team to the new space and workflows. With this move Vincent also led the clinical nursing evaluation and adoption of the Next Stage equipment. Vincent works seamlessly with the Nephrology Physicians on establishing and maintain the modalities of treatment and assuring the highest quality of care. He consistently is the knowledge source for nursing inpatient dialysis – problem solving and collaborating toward solutions. Recently he has been at the front of recognizing challenges with equipment and manufacture supplies to maintain a modality of care for our patients. He has worked to problem solve and escalate to assure quality of care is not interrupted. This has involved requesting emergency funding for equipment purchase. His impact is far reaching to thousands of patients each year whose care is impacted by his work.

He is a fantastic nurse who is a huge asset to our department and fully deserves this award and recognition. He is dedicated and hardworking and always works above and beyond. His expertise in Nephrology Nursing has helped our unit achieve the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission " Advocacy Award" in 2021. Recipient of the best quality Award 2022 and Patient Innovation Award. He has developed processes and procedures for managing our department over the years and that makes our unit excellent. So I highly nominate Vincent Paracuelles for this award.

Vincent is one of our ANIIs. He's been with UC Davis Medical Center for almost 20 years. Vincent works above and beyond and his expertise has made our unit achieve many awards such as the "Advocacy Award" from Nephrology Certification Commission (NNCC). Because of his leadership we are recipients of the Best Quality Award 2022, Patient Safety Innovation Award, and new Dialysis Therapy workflow 2020.

In addition, Vincent is proactively involved in supporting us in our Unit Based Practice Council. I am proud to nominate Vincent, he deserves to receive the DAISY Nurse Leader award.