What is a professional practice model (PPM)?

A professional practice model describes how registered nurses practice, collaborate, communicate, and develop professionally to provide the highest-quality care for those served by the organization.

Why do we need a PPM?

By defining the components of the UC Davis Medical Center PPM, the foundation of professional nursing practice is described. The PPM aligns and integrates nursing practice with the mission, vision, values and philosophy of nursing. The framework of our PPM guides the nursing strategic plan, identifying clear goals and expectations for all professional RNs. Through the PPM we achieve optimal outcomes.

Professional Governance Exemplary 
                                                                                                                 Professional Practice


Provide science‐based, technologically precise, compassionately delivered patient care.


The highest quality of patient care provided through the advancement of nursing practice.


Extraordinary Compassion, Courage, Integrity in every situation!


WE, The Nurses of UCDMC Believe that our mission is to provide science‐based, technologically precise, compassionately delivered nursing care; Define nursing as a scientific discipline that takes a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of potential and actual responses to illness with a goal of lessening the effects of illness, promoting comfort and healing, and assisting patients to achieve an optimal level of self-care; Practice in a dynamic university medical center that promotes ongoing learning for all health professionals; Strengthen our practice through a commitment to innovation and nursing research; Accept professional accountability to patients, families and the community; Recognize the uniqueness of each person, and respect, protect and advocate for the individual's right to self‐determination, self‐expression, confidentiality and dignity; Believe that we best serve through collaboration with other health care professionals who join with us in treating and advocating for those

who need our nursing care; Believe that the relationships we build have an inherent capacity to promote health, healing, and wholeness; Commit ourselves to support, acknowledge and nurture one another, thereby creating an environment of mutual respect and caring.