Grayson Castro, BSN, RN

Grayson Castro, BSN, RN
Emergency Department


It is not hyperbole to say that any one person could pick a number of things Grayson has done and write a Daisy nomination. Today I had the time and opportunity of writing a submission.

Grayson is one of the most caring and genuine individuals I've had the opportunity of working with. He is prenominal at coordinating care among multiple consult services in the fast-paced environment of the emergency department. Consistently making sure none of his patients fall through the cracks or receive anything besides excellent care. He also takes the time to individually connect with, and care about, each patient he is responsible for: doing so while managing acute emergencies.

This afternoon I watched Grayson take a situation of despair and turn it around to contentment and joy. One of his patients was on a behavioral hold and generally unhappy with being here in the hospital. This patient was bored, overstimulated, and consistently trying to get attention and someone to talk with.

Grayson took the time to individually connect and talk with this patient. The patient had a bag full of Kung-Fu comic books and couldn't talk enough about these comic books. Grayson went out of his way to search the internet for Kung Fu comic book pictures, created a cover and bound them all together as a coloring book for this patient. The patient was overjoyed and remained behaviorally appropriate for the remainder of his time in the emergency room.

Grayson took time to individualize care for an incapacitated individual and genuinely connect with their interests while still managing other acute emergencies in a busy and chaotic environment.