Congratulations to Joel Digao

Joel Digao, RN, BSN

Davis 12

Joel has been the primary nurse to a very challenging patient on Davis 12 since April 2016. This patient has a history of anoxic brain injury and CVA since 2006, and was previously at a board and care facility but is now a placement issue due to behavioral issues. The patient has two sisters that live on the East Coast and are unable to visit. Joel has cared for this patient as the primary nurse and has established a consistent relationship to help this patient develop trust with the staff. He has gone out of his way to provide personal care items for the patient purchasing himself, an electric razor and aftershave cologne for the patient.  Joel goes above the standard of care to provide special attention to him and is very patient with him. He is very attentive to select music preferences that he notices will help calm and relax this patient. He consistently asks the HUSC to order early meal trays so he can make sure he can plan the time needed to feed this patient.

It makes me very proud to have Joel Digao on the Davis 12 staff. I have witnessed his kindness and compassion that he provides his patients every shift he works.

I’ve been a patient here at UC Davis Medical Center for almost 2 weeks. The entire staff here has been great. I feel I need to mention one man individually, my nurse, Mr. Joel Digao. He has taken the absolute worst and most painful experience of my life and actually made it almost pleasant.

Through Joel’s calm, caring and compassionate and laid back demeanor, and his professional attitude he has made this experience actually tolerable and at time even enjoyable. Yesterday I heard about the DAISY award, if any nurse needs to be recognized for going the extra mile as well as going above and beyond their duties, it is Joel Digao. I appreciate the wonderful care I have received here at UC Davis Medical Center. I hope not to be seeing any of you anytime soon.

I thought I needed to mention and recognize Joel, as well as show my thank-you and gratitude to him. UC Davis Medical Center is very lucky to have a member of their team as amazing as Joel and I hope they appreciate the great nurse he is.