Congratulations to Krysta Lewis

Congratulations to

Krysta Lewis, RN, BSN, CCRN CTICU



Today Krysta and a nursing student made an Easter egg hunt for a young patient that has spent a lot of time on our unit. They took the time to print out small paper eggs and taped them all around the unit to motivate this patient to walk as she has not been wanting to participate in physical therapy. The patient’s eyes lit up as she walked around the whole unit finding eggs. Then when she got back to her room and saw that Krysta had printed pictures of Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato (the patients’ favorite) surrounded by Easter eggs she screamed in delight and was inspired to serenade our whole unit with one of her favorite songs by the duo. It was a precious moment from a patient that has been through more than any child should. Krysta truly made a difference in the patient’s life today and I personally will remember it forever