Members of our department play a key role in cancer research and are major contributors to the programs within our NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Pathology faculty members are:

  • Studying the influence of the microbiome, diet, and nutrition in neoplasia.
  • Identifying and testing new biomarkers that can be useful in determining cancer risk, progression, and treatment.
  • Using unique mouse models to study human carcinogenesis, including the transplantable mammary intraepithelial neoplasia outgrowth (MINO) model derived from transgenic mice.
  • Developing new informatics tools, including disease registries and methods to leverage patient outreach in the electronic medical record, that are essential to cancer research.
  • Active members of translational teams at the Cancer Center as key collaborators and leaders in their subspecialty areas.
  • Leaders in translational research programs that create new approaches to cancer care that span the UC campuses:
  • Directors of shared resources:

Departmental faculty members pursuing research in cancer collaborate with the following UC Davis units and programs: School of Veterinary Medicine; Stem Cell Program; Comprehensive Cancer Center; Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases; California National Primate Research Center; Mouse Biology Program; Center for Health Informatics; Mutant Mouse Pathology Laboratory; Center for Neuroscience; MIND Institute; Program in International and Community Nutrition; Alzheimer's Disease Center; Center for Biophotonics, and more.

Meet our faculty who are pursuing research related to cancer: