Depicted below is the resident rotation schedule per postgraduate year. Please see the legend below the table for a description of clinical activities associated with the rotation type. You will notice that resident exposure to particular subspecialty areas including electrodiagnosis is intentionally spread longitudinally across PGY 2-4. The rationale for this distribution is to facilitate spaced repetition of exposure to subspecialty areas with the expectation that with expanding medical knowledge in each PGY year, residents will be better able to synthesize information at a higher level and command mastery of the subject area. Research time is scheduled throughout the outpatient clinic rotations. 

PM&R Resident Rotations 2022-2022

Rotation Description

PM&R Ward
Inpatient management of acute rehab patients
PM&R Clinic
Musculoskeletal clinics in academic and community settings
MSK Clinics
Musculoskeletal-focus outpatient clinics
Rehab Clinics
Subspecialty rehab clinics
(Amputee/Peds/NMD/EMG/VA general clinics)
Combination of inpatient/outpatient pediatrics rehab rotation
Community-based acute inpatient rehab rotation
Outpatient clinics focused on diagnosis/treat of pain/disability
Inpatient consultation for physiatry management/inpatient rehab candidacy
Clinic Chief
Combination of general rehab/specialty outpatient clinics with administrative component for resident scheduling
Continuity Clinic
Bi-weekly year-round senior resident clinic at VA Hospital 

Total Months of Rotation/PGY Year




PGY-4 Consult 4 months
Clinic Chief 4 months
PM&R Clinic 3 months
Elective 1 1 month
Continuity Clinic Bi-weekly
PGY-3 Rehab Clinics 2 months
Pain Clinic 1 month
PM&R Wards 4 months
Peds 3 months
MSK Clinics 2 months
PGY-2 PM&R Wards 4 months
MSK Clinics 3 months
Rehab Clinics 3 months
Mercy 1 month
Peds 1 month
PGY-1 IM Wards (UC Davis) 12 weeks
IM Wards (VA Hospital) 4 weeks
IM Wards (Kaiser) 4 weeks
Emergency Dept. (UC Davis) 4 weeks
Surgery (VA Hospital) 4 weeks
PM&R Wards (UC Davis) 2 weeks
PM&R Clinic (UC Davis) 2 weeks
Ortho/Spine (UC Davis) 4 weeks
Neurosurgery (UC Davis) 4 weeks
CCU (UC Davis) 4 weeks
Neurology (Kaiser) 4 weeks