major initiativesOur NCI comprehensive designation speaks to the Cancer Center's great progress as well as its great promise. The most telling measure of the Cancer Center's progress is the care and support provided to thousands of patients and their families. The best measure of the Cancer Center's promise is reflected in its extraordinary human capital — its doctors, nurses, and researchers, as well as its passionate leadership.

Leading the way in cancer research and care

A dynamic, forward-looking institution with exceptional assets and core strengths, the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center has the potential to offer more than excellent clinical care and translational research. The Cancer Center is positioned to be a leader in easing the suffering and death caused by cancer.

Only through private, philanthropic support can the Cancer Center provide the laboratory space needed to sustain and strengthen its research component, and only through building its endowments can the Cancer Center hope to:

  • Attract, retain, and support the top clinicians and researchers in their fields, and
  • Fully engage the tremendous research potential engendered by our uniquely collaborative team of 200-plus scientists.

Inspired by collaboration

We invite you to join us as we embark on our most ambitious and important initiative in our young history: an effort to raise $205 million in gift support to realize critically important objectives. Your investment will produce life-altering dividends paid in the form of innovative therapies and compassionate patient care.

  • Recruiting and retaining the most talented researchers—$115 million
  • Building innovative clinical teams—$35 million
  • Training and developing physician/clinician scientists—$10 million
  • Investing in programs—$45 million

If you have questions, please call 916-734-9400.