Gabriela Loots

Dr. Loots is responsible for creating a portfolio of cancer research projects at Lawrence Livermore National Library under the Physical and Life Sciences (PLS) principal directorate. As part of the collaboration with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, Gaby represents LLNL on their leadership team and assists in the growth of collaborative efforts between LLNL and UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. During her 14 year-laboratory career, Gaby has led a successful program in functional genomics, employing sequencing technology and animal models to understanding genetic causes of human disease, including cancer, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and skeletal development. Gaby has a BS in Genetics from the University of California, at Irvine and a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from University of California, at Berkeley. She conducted a postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley Labs in the Genome Biology Program before joining LLNL’s Biology and Biotechnology Division. Gaby has established herself as a leader in the fields of genomics and musculoskeletal biology, and has held a faculty appointment at UC Merced since 2009, where she has been an advocate for young scientists and has mentored graduate and undergraduate students with diverse backgrounds.