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University of California, Davis, earns Silver Level Workplace Health Achievement Index recognition


The American Heart Association has awarded the University of California, Davis, with a 2021 Silver Level Workplace Health Achievement Index designation.

The award encompasses workplace health for all employees – campus, Health and remote – an effort led by Staff and Faculty Health and Well-Being.

The Workplace Health Achievement Index scores organizations on 55 individual best practices, organized into seven categories of organizational best practices (leadership, engagement, programs, policies and environment, partnerships, communications, and reporting outcomes) and the objective, unbiased science-based assessment of overall workplace heart health using aggregate employee data from My Life Check or aggregate data from an equivalent source.

In 2021, a maximum of 151 points is possible for the completion of the Index. In response to the disrupted location of employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are scored only on the 55 best practices, and were not required to submit employee health data.

Last year was the first year the University of California, Davis, applied for this award, earning Silver then as well.

UC Davis was among more than 450 organizations that completed the Workplace Health Achievement Index this year.

Staff and Faculty Health and Well-Being offers a variety of programs, such as yoga and mindfulness meditation, Nature Rx, Ergonomics at Home, Financial Well-being, the Diabetes Prevention Program and campaigns such as the Winter Wellness Challenge, all free for staff, faculty and students as well as retirees.

The index also takes into account skills development and behavior change programs, employee assistance programs, and promotion of healthy workplace culture and policies. For additional support and policy work, the Staff and Faculty Health and Well-Being Program works through Healthy UC Davis, a campuswide initiative that brings multiple partners and stakeholders together with a similar vision “to make UC Davis the healthiest community in the nation.”

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