office of clinical researchProviding the capabilities necessary to translate emerging compounds from the laboratory to the patient

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only institution within the Sacramento region with the infrastructure necessary to safely conduct rigorous early-phase clinical trials. To fulfill its mission of reducing mortality from advanced cancer, the cancer center launched the Sacramento Citywide Oncology Phase I program (or SCOPE), a partnership among oncologists throughout the region’s health systems to offer access for any medically eligible patient to Phase I clinical trials at UC Davis.

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only center in the Sacramento region offering early-phase clinical trials.

An NCI-designated cancer center

Designated by the National Cancer Institute as "comprehensive" since 2012, this designation means patients get access to leading-edge treatments, including development of personalized therapies based on the unique molecular characteristics of individual patients' tumors, and access to clinical trials in early phases of drug development. It also means that the physicians who see patients in clinic are collaborating with researchers to develop new approaches for detecting, preventing and beating cancer for all populations.

Collaborative partnerships enhance drug discovery and development

The Cancer Center brings together and takes advantage of exceptional resources at UC Davis in basic, translational and clinical research, as well as the expertise and technologies of our partners at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Jackson Laboratory (JAX West) and the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. These collaborations enhance the drug discovery and development pipeline, bringing these advances directly to patients who need them.

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