Small Animal Imaging Resources

Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging (CMGI):
The state-of-the-art imaging center is located in the Genome and Biomedical Sciences Building. Instruments include two microPET scanners, an ultrasound system, a Xenogen bioluminescence/fluorescence optical imaging system, and a digital autoradiography system. The center incorporates both commercial imaging systems and novel systems developed by faculty in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. All imaging rooms have built-in anesthetic gas scavenging systems. The facility also houses a biomedical cyclotron and chemistry facilities (hot and cold) for contrast agent development. There is a dedicated holding room with microisolator cages for housing animals undergoing longitudinal imaging studies and a procedure room for animal preparation and minor surgery. The center is staffed with experts in animal handling and physiology (for anesthesia, tracer injection, animal monitoring, etc.) and imaging (scanner operation, data handling and analysis, data backup and archival) overseen by faculty in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The center is operated on a recharge basis.

NMR Facility:
The NMR facility houses several NMR spectrometers at field strengths from 0.6T to 14.1T as part of an inventory of more than $5M in magnetic resonance instrumentation. Two multinuclear systems (7.0T and 9.4T) are available for in vivo small-animal imaging and spectroscopy. The staff scientists are available to assist users of the facility in experiment design, execution and data interpretation.

Large Animal Imaging Resources

Center for Imaging Sciences (CIS):
The CIS is housed within and is integrated with the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. In addition to defined imaging research space, CIS has immediate access to supply, pharmacy and other ancillary resources within the hospital. CIS occasionally uses the services of photographers, computer graphics artists and computer support personnel hired by the hospital and recharged at an hourly fee. The facility also contains institutionally approved housing for both large and small animal research subjects.

The services that the CIS provide include diagnostic radiology, X-ray computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy, interventional radiology and image analysis for in vitro and animal research. Current research includes, but is not limited to, development and testing of novel contrast media, evaluation of new diagnostic imaging methods, development and testing of new imaging technologies, analyzing kinetics of new pharmaceuticals in animal models, development and testing of novel implantable devices, and monitoring the effects of new therapeutic approaches.