Descriptions of the specimens and services for the Biorepository Shared Resource.


Fresh tissue (tumor and normal):

  • Dispersed to researchers between 20 minutes and three hours after surgical removal
  • Researchers can sign up on a specific tumor site notification list . Please contact Irmi Feldman at 916-734-3026
  • Every time pre-op consent is obtained from a patient, Irmi will notify researchers interested in this specific tumor site
  • After pathologic evaluation, specimens are put in RPMI media and kept in the refrigerator until picked up by the researchers

Frozen tissue (tumor and normal):

  • Dispersed to researchers within five working days after UC Davis Path Biorepository Utilization Committee approval (when applicable)
  • Frozen tissues are stored at -170°C degrees in our MVE liquid nitrogen freezer in DNAase- and RNAase-free sterile vials

Biological fluids

Bone marrow aspirates:

  • Dispersed to researchers within five working days
  • Frozen at -70°C in DNAase- and RNAase-free sterile vials in a protective freezing solution to ensure cell viability


  • Dispersed to researchers within five working days
  • Dispersed in 0.5 milliliter aliquots
  • Coded specimens are stored at -70°C in sterile DNAase- and RNAase-free cryovials

Whole Blood (Pre/post-op):

  • Dispersed to researchers within 60 minutes of blood draw
    Tissue microarray (TMA)

    Selected Organ Sites:

    • Unstained sections dispersed to researchers within five working days
    • We have an existing library of cancer organ-site TMAs including breast, colon, kidney, lung, pancreas, prostate, cancer cell lines and many more. Please call 916-734-3026 for more information.

    Custom-made TMAs:

    • Require several weeks for design, preparation of slides/blocks and construction
    • Please contact us to discuss and design a TMA for your specific research question
    Routine histology
    • Dispersed and/or returned to researchers within five to eight working days
    • Processing, embedding and sectioning of fixed wet tissue
    • Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained paraffin sections
    • Unstained paraffin sections

      Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

      • Unstained sections on slides suitable for IHC
      • IHC with commercially available/validated antibodies
      • IHC on TMA sections
      • Turnaround times:
        • For staining with previously validated antibodies: samples are dispersed and/or returned to researcher within 10 to 15 working days

      Consultative services

      • Administrative
      • Limited annotated data includes age, gender, race/ethnicity, and diagnosis
      • Extensive Annotated Data includes age, gender, race/ethnicity, diagnosis, medication and EMR recorded clinical outcome data. Requests for extensive annotated data may require several weeks
      • Paraffin block retrieval
      • Pathology consulting