Collaboration with biostatisticians is vital for the success of research projects, and their early involvement in developing grant proposals greatly enhances funding success. Key contributions of biostatisticians include:

  • Developing a study design that is appropriate and cost effective to achieve the study objectives
  • Determining the sample size necessary for adequate power for valid statistical inference
  • Ensuring that the data necessary to achieve study objectives will be collected
  • Identifying appropriate statistical methods to meet study aims

Proposal help

The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Biostatistics Shared Resource provides expertise on all statistical aspects of grant proposal preparation. The shared resource works closely with the project team to:

  • Ensure that the specific aims, study design, and statistical analysis plan are well aligned with the study objectives.
  • Prepare proposal sections related to biostatistics
  • Provide input on an appropriate budget for statistical services to support successful completion of the project.

Cost and contact information

Biostatistics help on grant proposals is free of charge. For assistance, request biostatistics services here:

Support Request

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Please contact the shared resource at least 4-6 weeks before the proposal is due to allow adequate time for thoughtful review and meaningful input. Please review the Guidelines for Estimating Biostatistician Effort and Resources on Grants.