• Hands-on user training to perform library synthesis and screening
  • Providing pre-made one-bead one-compound (OBOC) and one-bead two-compound (OB2C) combinatorial libraries
  • Design, synthesis and screening of custom-made combinatorial libraries
  • Screening of the pre-made combinatorial libraries against targets provided by users
  • Sequencing and structural determination of the positive hits from library screening
  • Re-synthesis of compounds (peptides, peptidomimetics peptoids, PNA and small molecules) in on-bead and soluble form for in vitro and in vivo evaluation
  • Providing telodendrimer- and PVA-based nanomicelles for nanoformulation and in vivo delivery of hydrophobic drugs
  • Work with resource users on optimization of the lead compounds
  • Full consultation service

Major equipment

  • ABI protein microsequencer for the decoding of positive beads.  
  • Fluorescent microscopes for library screening using fluorescent probes. 
  • Stereo-microscopes and Confocal for routine library screening. 
  • HPLC Systems for the purification of the compounds synthesized in the Shared Resource.
  • Automated Peptide Synthesizer for synthesis of individual peptides in large scale.