The GSR provides services in the following areas:

Next-generation sequencing technology is one of the most powerful genomics technologies to emerge in recent years and has already begun to accelerate the pace of advances in basic and translational research. The GSR will help you with your samples at any point during the process, whether you have already prepared sequencing libraries or if you just have the plan for a project that you’d like to get started. We also have robust data analysis pipelines in place and will work closely with you to get the most out of your experiments.

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Affymetrix pioneered the microarray field by providing a turnkey solution for analysis of global gene expression, genotyping, transcriptomics, and gene regulation. The GSR has helped researchers with their Affy array experiments for well over a decade, on microarray projects ranging from those with just a few samples to ones involving thousands of samples. We have also collaborated with Affymetrix on the development of products and protocols and are considered an expert in the field. The GSR can help you to use Affymetrix GeneChips to query the genome and transcriptome, providing a wide range of services from project planning through complete sample preparation and data analysis.

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The GSR has over twenty years’ experience with spotted microarrays and has assisted researchers in both standard applications and also various novel ones. We currently work primarily with the Agilent microarray platform, which provides a reliable flexible-content system based on their SurePrint inkjet technology. Pre-printed arrays contain anywhere from 15,000 to 1,000,000 features, and custom arrays can be ordered by the researcher for the study of more focused gene-sets or non-standard organisms. In addition, the GSR is happy to adapt its expertise and equipment to the analysis of most other formats of spotted arrays as well.

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The GSR has extensive experience with the isolation of DNA and RNA from various sources (whole blood, buffy coat, plasma, frozen and FFPE tissue, virus, cell lines, and others). We also have all the equipment necessary to perform spectrophotometric and fluorometric quantification as well as quality assessment of nucleic acids. The GSR’s nucleic acids services are an excellent option for any researcher, whether you lack the equipment, laboratory space, or personnel to work with nucleic acids, or if you are simply looking for the experience and expertise that will yield robust and consistent results in your downstream applications.

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Consultation is provided at an hourly rate for assistance with experimental design, troubleshooting, data analysis, results interpretation, and manuscript/grant proposal preparation.

The data processing and analysis capabilities of the GSR are supported by an infrastructure of servers and computational workstations, as well as licenses for several commercial bioinformatic software packages.

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