To help the Genomics Shared Resource (GSR), run smoothly and efficiently, each user has specific responsibilities.

By submitting samples to the GSR, the primary investigator and all researchers involved agree to the following:

  • The samples submitted to the GSR may or may not be available for return to the user once they have been received by the GSR staff. The samples may be completely consumed by the process, and any remaining sample will be discarded three months after the client has been notified the work is complete.
  • The user must cite the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Genomics Shared Resource (NCI P30 CA93373) in the acknowledgements section of any published work (manuscript, poster, presentation, etc.) that uses data obtained through work done by the GSR. The user must also notify the GSR of any potential and actual publication(s) that use data obtained through work done by the GSR. This condition of use is vital for the success of the shared resource and of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center because of its role in helping to earn competitive renewal of the Cancer Center Support Grant and to retain NCI designation as a comprehensive cancer center.
  • The GSR reserves the right to use any data from services performed by the GSR for the purpose of assessing the quality of data generated by our facility, and for the development of technical protocols and analysis tools. Details pertaining to the data, samples, and treatments will remain confidential and will not be used in a way to exploit the biological relevance of the user's experiment.
  • The GSR is not responsible for animal or human subject assurances pertaining to the samples submitted. By submitting samples, the user assures the GSR that they have obtained all the appropriate animal subjects or human subjects protocol approvals for their study. Users will not submit samples to the GSR unless they have met all the requirements for animal or human studies.
  • Cancellations of instrument bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations that are made less than 24 hours in advance are subject to fees to cover the GSR's costs for setting up the instrument and reserving the time slot.
  • Any costs associated with damage to instrumentation due to user error will be charged to the account provided by the user at the time of instrument booking.