CaregiverCaregivers are an essential part of the care team. As such, often caregivers face difficulties and hardships along with or in addition to those faced by cancer patients. It is common for caregivers to experience fatigue, stress, depression, headaches, and weight changes. Physical problems such as sleep difficulties, low energy, decreased strength, and loss of appetite are also reported by caregivers. As well, emotionally it can be demanding and may result in anxiety, depression, fear, or hopelessness.

Caregiving often impacts daily life and may include:

  • Missing time at work
  • Financial sacrifices
  • Juggling responsibilities
  • Less leisure time
  • Social relationships
  • Dealing with isolation

Caregivers deserve their own support to stay healthy and be able to manage caring for a person going through cancer treatments.

A number of caregiver support groups meet in and around the Sacramento area that can help you manage and deal with the  stressors of being a caregiver. Additionally, there are a number of online resources that you may find helpful.