Organizing your information and questions before you see your UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center team of providers can be very helpful both to you and to your cancer care team. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your first appointment.

What to bring for your first appointment

writingBring notes about your personal health history, including the dates, for the following:

  • Your past and present health problems
  • Any surgeries or procedures
  • Tests and the results, if known
  • Any allergies
  • Vaccines you have received
  • Any supplements and vitamins you are taking including; over-the-counter medications
  • Health information about your parents, grandparents and siblings, if known
  • Also, write down any of the following:
    • Questions you have for your healthcare team; underline or highlight a few of the most important questions
    • Any new symptoms

Other suggestions:

  • Ask a family member or friend to come with you to the visit, to listen and take notes while you are talking with your healthcare team
  • Bring your insurance card and identification
  • Bring a copy of your advance directive or durable power of attorney for health decisions