Psychiatric Oncology
Diagnosis and treatment can generate numerous emotional responses which can be hard to manage while undergoing cancer care, or during the transition to post-treatment. Fatigue, grief, irritability, fear, depression, and anxiety are some of the common responses to facing cancer. These feelings can negatively impact the ability to make healthy decisions, get along with others, and remain active in treatment.

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Psychiatric Oncology Clinic, working as part of Supportive Oncology and Survivorship can help maximize quality of life and deal with the emotional and behavioral consequences of cancer. Psychiatry services are coordinated with a board-certiļ¬ed psychiatrist, licensed clinical social workers, a nurse case manager, and treating oncologist. Our psychiatrist understands cancer treatment and its effects on brain chemistry in addition to behavioral health and can tailor an individualized treatment plan with you.

Psychiatry services include:

  • Symptom assessment and care planning
  • Medication management
  • On-going follow up
  • Quality of life discussions

How to get a referral for psychiatry:

Psychiatric services are available for adults 18 and over being treated for cancer at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center outpatient clinic. For a referral to Psychiatric Oncology, discuss your concerns with your oncologist.

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