Filipino Americans in Medicine (FAIM) aims to foster a supportive environment for Filipino American students as well as non-Filipino American students at UC Davis School of Medicine. It provides a venue where students can build relationships with other Filipino American students from different class years, network with Filipino American physicians within the community, learn more about health issues particular to the Filipino American community, serve as peer mentors for undergraduates who may be interested in pursuing careers in medicine/health, and enrich their cultural competency toward their own community to further guide them into becoming culturally-sensitive and empathetic physicians.

Furthermore, FAIM aims to provide a space for non-Filipino-American students to learn more about the Filipino culture, current health disparities and health problems of the community, and further enhance their own cultural competency towards the Filipino immigrant and Filipino American community.

Student Run Clinics

Bayanihan Clinic

The mission of Bayanihan Clinic is to provide primary care and preventative health services to the diverse, underserved communities of the Greater Sacramento area, including Filipino veterans and immigrants.