The LGBT group has quarterly potlucks at the homes of LGBT faculty members for LGBT faculty, residents, students and their friends, families, and allies. Historically, these potlucks have been well attended and offer a casual, welcoming atmosphere for connection and conversation. These occasionally are venues for the presentation of initiatives.

Developing programs

The LGBT group added LGBT cases to the doctoring curriculum: spoke openly at newly created LGBT teaching sessions; and developed a CME course on LGBT health for primary care providers. Student leaders from the LGBT People in Medicine student interest group also presented to the first-year class during the LGBT lecture in the Doctoring course.

Enhancing institutional climate of inclusion, equity and opportunity

The LGBT group arranged for “Safe-Zone” training whereby faculty members are taught a curriculum about LGBT issues. After the training, the faculty may display a “Safe-Zone” placard on their office doors indicating that it is safe for LGBT students and residents to discuss LGBT issues.

Working with AAMC and other medical schools to advance LGBT in medicine and science nationally

Dr. Jesse Joad, Associate Dean of Diversity and Faculty Life, will serve as the UC Davis School of Medicine representative for the new AAMC Group on Diversity and Inclusion. As a lesbian and long-time LGBT advocate, she will provide this group with guidance on how to improve the position of LGBT faculty, residents, and students nationally.

Recognizing LGBT accomplishment

This year a transgender medical student won the Diversity Award for the entire UC Davis campus in demonstrating a commitment to LGBT advancement in medicine.


The following LGBT faculty have volunteered to assist residents and medical students with LGBT issue: