The Middle Eastern and South Asian (MESA) student group helps educate medical students and medical professionals of the rich culture of people of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent. Our goal is to provide a support system for individuals of similar cultural backgrounds and to help contribute to an environment of cultural acceptance within our UC Davis community. We also look forward to working with undergrads of all descents to provide assistance through mentorship on their paths to medicine. We welcome anyone interested in Middle Eastern and South Asian issues and culture.


  • Diwali, Eid and Holi celebrations
  • Fast for a Day
  • Presentations on delivering culturally sensitive care to Middle Eastern and South Asian patients
  • Social potlucks and gatherings
  • Networking events with Middle Eastern and South Asian physicians at UC Davis Health and the Sacramento community

Student Run Clinics

Shifa Clinic

Shifa Clinic strives to understand, serve, and promote the health and wellness needs of a multilingual, ethnically diverse community. Adjacent to a mosque in downtown Sacramento, the clinic primarily serves patients from the South Asian and Muslim communities. It provides interpretive services and hosts specialty clinics such as dermatology, cardiology and women's health.