Organized Medicine is a student-interest group at the UC Davis School of Medicine that focuses on creating opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in the realm of health policy and advocacy. Health policy roles are often uncharted for medical students, but they align with many of our legislative goals and hopes as future physicians. Learning about advocacy gives us the tools we need to make everlasting change in the imperfect system of health care. We intend to broaden our scope of knowledge by analyzing the health systems in place domestically and globally.

Listed are some of the opportunities that we provide for our peers:

  • Collaboration with the policy initiatives of the California Medical Association and the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society.
  • Hosting a series of lectures by recruiting experienced professionals to speak on the many intersections of health care and policy.
  • Dispersing a monthly newsletter to the entire school of medicine that highlights important local, national, and international headlines regarding the landscape of health care today.