This fellowship is designed to condense many years of airway education into one high yield year. During this year we stress clinical experiences. The fellow is involved in airway management in a variety of settings including in the ED, OR, ICUs and EMS and will learn from a multidisciplinary group of faculties. The Airway fellow will teach and implement airway sessions at UC Davis for residents, other fellows, and faculty and have the opportunity participate in airway education at the national/international level. The AW Fellow will work about 8 shifts a month as an ED attending at UC Davis. At the end of their year the AW fellow should be well positioned to become the “airway person” of their group at and be on a path to become a prominent airway educator.


The first 1-2 months are spent to review and solidify emergency management theoretical and practical approaches. Ideally the AW Fellow will gain theoretical and practical experiences with ENT, anesthesia, pediatric surgery, surgery, respiratory therapy, EMS and critical care. Most of the rotation will take place at UC Davis, but there are options to work at the nearby pediatric hospital with pediatric anesthesia, as well as EMS. The rest of the curriculum is flexible and can be adjusted to the AW fellow’s specific interests. These experiences and rotations will be focused on practical and theoretical airway management and resuscitation.

The AW fellow will also attend national and international airway conferences, such as the Difficult Airway Course and the Society of Airway Management Courses. We encourage scholarly projects, which could be educational, research, or device-related evaluations of airway devices. Moonlighting is encouraged to gain experience in Emergency Medicine.

Fellowship Director

Verena Schandera, M.D.

Erik Laurin, M.D.

Current and previous fellows

Paul Copperman, M.D. (2021-2022)

Verena Schandera, M.D. (2017-2018)

How to apply:

Please send a short paragraph explaining your interest in airway management and prior experiences as well as your current CV. Please contact Dr. Schandera and Dr. Laurin by October of the academic year.

Requirements and eligibility

Successful completion of a US or Canadian EM residency and be ABEM board certified or board eligible.

Current projects

  • Airway cases – interactive library of educational airway videos
  • Airway QI
  • ICU airway curriculum development