The UC Davis Health System Department of Emergency Medicine offers a one or two year Geriatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship.  The goal of the fellowship is to provide clinically excellent training in the emerging field of geriatric emergency medicine, with experience in education, research, operations and policy.  There will be a strong emphasis on improving the care of the elderly patient in the emergency department, safe discharge practices, multidisciplinary teams and perioperative management. The graduating fellow will be able to use this experience to further develop geriatric emergency medicine in the academic or community setting. Clinical experience in the management of geriatric patients will be gained through outpatient geriatric clinics, general medicine consult services, observation units, and from a selection of experiences in clinical pharmacy units, chest pain evaluation programs, home based primary care, neurology outpatient / residential services or from subspecialty surgery experience.  The Fellow will work part-time in the emergency department at UC Davis and will have the option to work at the VA Mather.

Fellows may select from a one- or a two-year fellowship option.  If a two-year option is selected, it is anticipated that the fellow will be able to complete a Masters level advanced degree.

Interested applicants should contact Katren Tyler, Geriatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship director.

Contact Info:

Katren Tyler, MD
Geriatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Director
Vice Chair for Faculty Development, Wellness and Outreach
Associate Professor and Associate Residency Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
2315 Stockton Blvd
PSSB 2100

Sacramento, CA95817