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Cell Phones, Telephones, and Internet

Cell phone use is generally allowed, but restrictions may apply, especially near medical devices. Room phones are available for calls, and you can make local and long-distance calls 24-hours a day. Wireless Internet is provided for guests.

Cell phone use

  • Cell phone use is generally allowed, except where signs or staff members indicate that phones must be turned off.
  • While talking on a cell phone, you must stay at least three feet away from all medical devices and patients connected to them. When restrictions are in place, the phone function must be fully powered off (not set to vibrate or silent mode), but you may continue to use Wi-Fi in airplane mode.
  • Restrictions may change or be set on a case-by-case basis.

Telephone service

Your room is equipped with a direct-dial telephone.

Family and friends can reach you between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. by calling the number posted in your room. Or they can call 916-734-3511 and asking for you by name.

Making calls from your room:

You may dial out 24 hours a day.

  • You can reach the hospital operator at 916-734-2011 or by dialing “0” from a hospital phone.
  • To place a local call in the greater Sacramento area, Dial “9”+ country code, area code, seven-digit local number” (Example: 9-1-916-734-0001).
  • You may place a long-distance call by dialing “8” and the number for credit card calls or by dialing the 1-800 number for your long-distance provider.
  • To call another department on our Sacramento medical center and health campus, dial the last five digits of the phone number, either 3-xxxx or 4-xxxx.
  • All patient rooms will accommodate a special-application telephone device, such as a TDD, a phone with a headset or a laptop.


  • Television is available 24 hours a day at no charge.
  • A directory of network channels is in your room.
  • Patient education videos are available on demand.
  • We ask that you keep your TV at a low volume out of consideration for your roommate or neighbors.
  • You can ask if headphones are available for your TV.

Wireless Internet access

We provide Internet access points at no charge in areas throughout the hospital and for guests who have devices that can receive wireless signals. Guests are expected to use the wireless access in a legal and responsible manner.

MyUCDavisHealth Bedside

MyUCDavisHealth Bedside is a free and secure app that updates you on your medical care right from your hospital room. You can download the app using your smartphone or tablet. Or borrow a tablet from us at no cost during your stay.