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Special Services

We prioritize sensitivity in end-of-life care, balancing family needs with medical interventions. Social services offer support and resources. Chaplains provide 24/7 spiritual care, and security is available around the clock. We provide parking and shuttle services for the convenience of our guests and patients.

Sensitivity to special needs

We are sensitive to the needs of patients and fami­lies during end-of-life care. Family requests for a brief period to gather family/next of kin at the bedside will be balanced with other patients’ needs for medical intervention. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate religious and cultural practices when voiced at this time, as duties to other patients allow.

Social Services

Clinical social workers are available to help you adjust to your diagnosis and treatment. They can also provide community resources, when appropriate. Patients and their families may request a social worker by asking their physician or nurse, or by calling 916-734-2583 (4-2583 on a hospital phone).

Chaplaincy services and meditation room/chapel

Chaplains are available 24 hours daily to provide pastoral care services and spiritual support to all.

  • From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., call 916-734-3657 (4-3657 on a hospital phone).
  • 24 hours daily, call or text pager 916-816-7729 and leave a call-back number.

The Battistella Meditation Room/All-Faith Chapel on the first floor is a quiet place to sit, relax and reflect. Call the pager number 916-816-7729 for details on regular and seasonal services and activities.

Security and police

Uniformed university police and security are on duty 24 hours a day. Please notify your nurse immediately if you see or hear anything that concerns you.

To contact security or police, please call 911 or 916-734-2555 (4-2555 from any hospital phone).

Fire drills and emergencies

Hospitals have to conduct fire drills on all shifts and in all buildings. For your safety, UC Davis Medical Center performs more than the required number of drills.

We do not evacuate the hospitals in event of a fire, as our floors, walls, doors and other building components are designed to protect occupants and keep fire and smoke isolated.

In the event of a fire alarm, remain calm and listen to any announcements from hospital staff.

To report a fire or emergency, please call 911 or 916-734-2555 (4-2555 from any hospital phone).


For additional information, call 916-734-2687 or visit the hospital’s maps and directions page.