Our care for you doesn’t end when you are discharged from the hospital. We remain committed to helping you maintain your health and comfort, and we are available to help you meet your ongoing care needs.

patient with doctors

Before you begin your hospital stay, be sure that someone will be available to take you home by 11 a.m. on the day your physician approves your discharge. Before you leave, your nurse will review with you the physician’s discharge instructions and your discharge medications.

Clinical case managers, who are registered nurses or qualified social workers, may visit to coordinate special needs such as home-care services, equipment and transfers to other facilities.

If you have any questions or requests, call 916-734-7327 (4-7327 from a hospital phone). Your doctor or nurse also will explain to you the follow-up care you will require and how to obtain it.

Be sure to collect your personal belongings and any valuables you may have left in the hospital safe.

Transitions of Care

The Transitions of Care program partners our hospital clinicians with our community post-acute partners to provide our patients with a continuity of care as they transition from the hospital to the home or other post-acute settings. We strive to provide connections through our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and care coordinators to ensure a safe transition from the hospital, through a range of interventions such as:

  • Hospital evaluation prior to discharge
  • Medication reconciliation pre- and post-discharge from the hospital
  • Next-day visit by a Home Health nurse after discharge
  • Assistance in administrative follow-up, such as securing follow-up appointments, establishing your Primary Care Physician, securing wheelchairs and walkers, and more

To find out more about our program and how you can become a part of our program to receive these benefits, please contact us at TOC@groups.ucdavis.edu or give us a call at 916-716-0243.


After you get home, you may be contacted by phone or mail and asked to complete a short survey about your hospital experience. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we value any information you can provide.

UC Davis Medical Center operates five outpatient pharmacies, one of which is open seven days a week including holidays. Although your prescriptions may be filled at the pharmacy of your choice, your nurse can make arrangements to have your discharge prescriptions filled at one of our on-site pharmacies so you can go home with your medications. Our outpatient pharmacy staff will work with your doctors and nurses to ensure that your prescriptions are ready prior to your discharge, and to resolve any insurance-related issues.

Please be prepared to present your prescription insurance information to pharmacy staff. You will be responsible for any co-payment, share of cost or other costs not covered by insurance. Your nurse will be able to assist with questions about our pharmacy services, and a pharmacist is always available if you have questions about your medications.

Discharge prescriptions are generally filled at the pavilion pharmacy located near the main hospital entrance. Other pharmacies are located at the Cypress Building, Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center, Cancer Center and the Davis primary care office.

Contact us at 916-703-6100 (3-6100 from a hospital phone).

After you are discharged from the hospital, you may be referred to one of our specialty clinics for follow up care. Your insurance plan requirements and other factors will influence whether you should pursue your appointment directly through UC Davis or through an external community health care provider. If you have questions, our Consumer Resource Center at 800-2-UCDAVIS (800-282-3284) can assist with information about eligibility and the referral process. If you schedule a follow-up visit at UC Davis, please bring your insurance cards to the appointment and be prepared to make co-payments.

Health education classes are available to UC Davis patients at various health system locations, with a goal of empowering you to better manage your health. Most classes are free to UC Davis patients. For information call 916-734-0718 or visit health.ucdavis.edu/livinghealthy

When you need skilled medical care after returning home, your physician may refer you to UC Davis Home Health Services or an agency of your choice. Home Care Services team members collaborate with physicians and other providers to deliver the highest level of patient-centered care, providing education and skills to enhance health, function, and independence. Home Care Services provides services for patients of all ages. If intravenous services are needed, they are provided in collaboration with an infusion therapy vendor. For information, call 916-734-2458 (4-2458 from a hospital phone).

The UC Davis Hospice program provides care for patients who are terminally ill and have a life expectancy of six months or less. Hospice provides comfort care focusing on pain and symptom management, case management, as well as psychosocial and spiritual support. The care provided is patient centered and focuses on quality of life. Hospice care can be provided in the home, skilled nursing or assisted living facility, or in the inpatient setting. The UC Davis Hospice program also provides individual and group bereavement support during the grieving process. UC Davis Hospice is a certified hospice program and accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal, and most private insurance plans. For information, call 916-734-2458 (4-2458 from a hospital phone).

Inpatient Hospice

The UC Davis Inpatient Hospice program provides short-term inpatient care to patients who are in need of pain control and other end-of-life symptom management that cannot be provided in a lower level of care. Inpatient hospice care is provided by a physician-directed team of nurses, social workers, chaplains, home health aides and other staff who are sensitive to the unique needs of those at the end of their life and their families. For information, call 916-734-2458 (4-2458 from a hospital phone).

Palliative Care program

The UC Davis Home-based Palliative Care program provides care to patients living with serious illness, focusing on supporting physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their caregivers. Palliative care focuses on symptom management, quality of life, and advance care planning while continuing to receive medical treatment focused on the disease. Palliative Care provides an experienced team of registered nurses, licensed clinical social workers, home health aides, and chaplains who deliver compassionate care. The team also provides expert help navigating complex and difficult medical decisions. For information, call 916-734-2458 (4-2458 from a hospital phone). Registered nurses provide 24-hour support for patients in the home health, palliative care, and hospice programs.

Patients who have established outpatient care with any UC Davis Health physician can use MyUCDavisHealth (formerly MyChart®). This is a free website portal and downloadable app that allows you to communicate with your care team, request appointments or refills, access medical records, view and pay bills, and more.

However, during your hospital stay you can use MyUCDavisHealth Bedside, a free and secure app that keeps you up-to-date on your medical care right from your hospital room. You can download the app using your smartphone or tablet, or borrow a tablet from us at no cost during your stay.

Learn more about the patient portal

UC Davis Health’s Health Information Management Department manages patient health information and handles requests for medical records. The department offers a frequently asked questions section on its website that includes information about release of information, requesting medical records and useful phone numbers.