Welcome to the UC Davis Health School of Medicine

We are delighted that you have joined our staff and hope that these resources assist you as you learn and grow within our institution.

We hope that this information will help you navigate your first few days and weeks at the UC Davis Health School of Medicine.

Navigating UCDH

Please feel free to approach any of the kiosks located at the main entrance of most buildings for navigation assistance.


  • UCDH Campus Map
  • UCDH Parking Map
  • UC Davis Main Campus Map
  • A note about construction: There is frequently a great deal of construction occuring on campus.  Directional signs to navigate active construction areas have been placed to assist moving around these sites. 
  • On your first day, you may need to coordinate with your supervisor to access your worksite, as many locations require a key card to enter.

Parking and Transportation:

UCDH Parking and Tranportation Services

There are many options available for transit to the campus.  Parking your car in any of the staff parking areas does require a parking pass/permit.  One-day permits are available through the ParkMobile App (see Parking Services site to download). 

Caffeine and Food Options

There are several options around the health campus for food and (critically) caffeinated beverages.

UCDH Food and Nutrition Services:  On the Sacramento campus, Food and Nutrition Services operates the Pavillion Cafe in the main hospital, the Scrubs East Cafe in the Education Building, and the Lawrence Ellison Building Cafe in the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC). 


General Onboarding

In your first few weeks, you will need to work with your supervisor and team members to complete general onboarding, which includes access to systems, obtaining a key card/employee ID, and completing mandatory training sessions.

  • Accessing Buildings/Offices - Your supervisor will submit a request for a key card/employee ID badge for you.  Within your first day or two, please plan to visit Ticon III with your photo ID (passport/driver's license) to pick up your badge.

  • Accessing Systems - Your supervisor will initiate your systems set up with IT Services.   You will not be able to complete online training, or access email and other systems until your IT account has been established. 
    • UCDH Duo Self-Service: The campus uses Duo as a secondary security measure when logging in.  Once your account has been established, visit the UCDH Duo Self-Service site to set up your authentication device.

  • Required Training -  UCDH requires several training modules that must be completed within your first few weeks of employment, and annually thereafter.  These include:
    • UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training         
    • UC General Compliance Briefing                                                                       
    • UC Cyber Security Awareness Training                           
    • UCDH Mandatory Annual Training                                                    
    • UCDH Privacy and Security Training                                                 
    • UCDH Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare  

These modules are available in the UC Learning Center (LMS).