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IDDRC Affiliated Cores

The MIND Institute IDDRC has established formal collaborations with UC Davis and UC Davis Health units to support IDDRC investigators in areas not currently covered by the NIH-funded IDDRC Cores. Targeted areas of collaboration include neuroimaging, stem cell research and genetically modified preclinical models. Limited subsidies for each Affiliated Core are available to approved IDDRC projects. Please contact Melissa Bauman, PhD and Michele Y Ono, MS for more information. If you have an IDDRC approved project and would like to submit a request for a subsidy, please complete this form.  IDDRC - Affiliated Cores Subsidy Request Form

Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging Affiliated Core. The Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging (CMGI) provides state-of-the-art animal and biospecimen imaging technologies to investigators at UC Davis and other research institutions. CMGI imaging modalities include PET, SPECT, CT, MRI, optical (fluorescence and bioluminescence), high resolution CT specimen scanning and autoradiography. IDDRC subsidized services include consultation regarding design, methods, procedures, analysis and interpretation of data.

Institute for Regenerative Cures Affiliated Core. UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures has brought together physicians, research scientists, biomedical engineers and a range of other experts and collaborative partners to advance stem cell therapies for families suffering from chronic disease or injury. IDDRC subsidized service includes creation of induced pluripotent stem cell lines from human fibroblasts.

Mouse Biology Program Affiliated Core. The UC Davis Mouse Biology Program (MBP) is an academic resource providing scientific expertise and consultation, technological assistance, dedicated infrastructure, and educational support to the academic community in the development, application, and use of genetically-altered mice for biomedical research on diseases, behavioral abnormalities, and developmental disorders. IDDRC subsidized service includes generating mouse models.

Imaging Research Center Affiliated Core. The UC Davis Imaging Research Center (IRC) supports human imaging science research and promotes the use of modern imaging methods in basic science and clinical investigations of the brain and body. IDDRC subsidized service include scan time and consultation with protocol design.