Ge Xiong, M.D., Ph.D. for UC Davis Health

Ge Xiong, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

To see if Ge Xiong is accepting new patients, or for assistance finding a UC Davis doctor, please call 800-2-UCDAVIS (800-282-3284).




Neuromuscular Medicine




Locations and Contact

UC Davis Midtown Ambulatory Care Center

Midtown Neurology Clinic
3160 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816

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Phone: 916-734-3588

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Physician Referrals

800-4-UCDAVIS (800-482-3284)

Philosophy of Care

I believe that everyone is unique and patients' individual experience is important. Professional care with passion is very important to help patients. We are here as a team to offer service of excellence.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Xiong is interested in neuromuscular diseases such as neuropathy, myopathy, neuromuscular junction disorders, amyloidosis, motor neuron diseases, et al.

Research/Academic Interests

Dr Xiong's research interests include Neuropathy, Myopathy, Myasthenia gravis, and Familial amyloidosis.



Medical School

M.D., Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University, Changsha, China 2003

Other School

Ph.D., Genetics and Molecular, Emory University, Atlanta GA 2011


Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville FL 2011-2012


Neurology, University of Florida, Gainesville FL 2012-2015


Clinical Neurophysiology, UC San Francisco, San Francisco CA 2015-2016

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