Makati Medical Center group of attendees

Cancer center partners with oncologists in the Philippines on latest treatments


UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center leaders traveled to Makati City in the Philippines this month to take part in a postgraduate course in oncology jointly organized by the cancer center and Makati Medical Center.

The two-day conference, “Leveraging the Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach in Cancer Care,” included more than two dozen workshop sessions and panel discussions. This was the second  postgraduate course held at Makati Medical Center. The first was in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Primo Lara at podium
Cancer center director Primo “Lucky” Lara, Jr. speaking at this year’s joint oncology training conference in the Philippines.

The symposium was established after the cancer center signed a memorandum of understanding with Makati Medical Center, creating a partnership to collaborate on cancer care and research and provide educational opportunities for physicians and staff.

Speakers included UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Director Physician-in-Chief Richard Bold and Associate Director for Clinical Research Megan Daly. Other cancer center leaders who attended the event included Chief Administrative Officer Gina Dayton and Executive Director of UC Davis Health Service Lines, the Cancer Care Network and Regional Affiliates Kristin Mensonides.

“The collaboration between our cancer center and Makati Medical Center brings together the many talents and passions of local and international physicians and researchers who are devoted to solving the problem of cancer across the entire spectrum, from prevention to survivorship, worldwide,” Lara said. “As we continue to develop our global oncology partnership, we will advance our unique second opinion program at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, creating innovative new training initiatives in oncology.”

Lara said that the event educated participants on leading-edge treatments for cancer with a focus on precision oncology that uses a personalized multidisciplinary team approach to cancer care.

“The topic of leveraging the multidisciplinary approach in treating cancer patients will certainly provide significant value to all participants on how to improve the treatment and care to patients,” said Pilar Nenuca P. Almira, President and CEO of Makati Medical Center, who added that she is grateful to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center for the professional partnership.

Eventually, the two institutions hope to develop an international cancer care network that leads to clinical trial collaboration and cancer research opportunities.

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