Two sets of hands each holding a white falcon chick

UC Davis Medical Center now home to a ‘Millennium falcon’

Young peregrines get their official names


The four peregrine falcons chicks hatched at UC Davis Medical Center have received their official names: Millennium, Serenity, Defiant and Roci. Each is named after a different starship from a television or movie series in space.

The names were chosen by Sara Lin from the School of Medicine. She won the contest that UC Davis Health held this year, making the closest guess to when the first peregrine falcon egg would hatch.

Young chicks get bands

Next week, a local falcon expert will band the young peregrine falcons for future identification. The bands will provide researchers with valuable data on peregrine survival rates, dispersal distances and population growth rates. Each band has a unique nine-digit number and the phone number and email of the banding laboratory to help identify the bird in the future.

Stay tuned to the video livestream to keep up with the peregrine chicks and enjoy watching them grow!

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