Matthew Coleman, Ph.D.

Matthew A. Coleman, Ph.D.




Radiation Oncology


  • Adjunct Professor


Center for Biophotonics, Science and Technology

2700 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95817
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Clinical Interests

Dr. Coleman is pursuing research to identify the cellular mechanisms associated with ionizing radiation (IR) exposures. This work relies on using genomic and proteomic techniques to identify and characterize transcriptional networks, such as TP53, MYC and NF-kB, that play a role in controlling cell fate in response to IR exposures. Importantly, these regulatory pathways are also utilized by the cell for cancer progression. Such information can be utilized for developing diagnostic assays and tools for biodosimetry as well as the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Dr. Coleman is also very active in the development of advance biochemical techniques using nanoparticles made of apolipoproteins and phospholipids called nanolipoproitein particles (NLPs). NLPs closely mimic the cellular membrane bilayer, and represent an ideal platform for characterizing membrane proteins involved in signal transduction. For example, NLPs are proving useful for the characterization of the structure and function of G-protein coupled protein receptors. NLPs are also proving useful for drug delivery, immuno-modulation and in vivo imaging in the treatment of cancer.


Radiation Oncology

Center/Program Affiliation

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center


Ph.D., Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1997

B.S., University of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts, 1987

Professional Memberships

American Chemical Society

Environmental Mutagen Society

Protein Society (FASEB)

Radiation Research Society

Honors and Awards

Nanotechnology 50 award recipient, 2008

NIH scientific achievement award, Radiation Oncology Gordon Conference, 2005

Merck travel award, Radiation Oncology Gordon Conference, 2005

Research & Development 100 award recipient for �Gene Microdissection�, 2001

Stein Moore Graduate Student Award, Protein Society, 1996

Travel Award. Biology Department, Boston University, 1994

Select Recent Publications

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Wyrobek AJ, Manohar CF, Krishnan VV, Nelson DO, Furtado MR, Bhattacharya MS, Marchetti F, Coleman MA. Low dose radiation response curves, networks and pathways in human lymphoblastoid cells exposed from 1 to 10cGy of acute gamma radiation. Mutat Res. 2011 Jun 17;722(2):119-30. Epub 2011 Apr 15.

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