UC Davis campus

Davis Campus Shared Flow Cytometry Resource
3425 Tupper Hall, Health Sciences Complex, Davis, Phone (office) 530-754-9611, (lab) 530-752-7205

  • Cell Sorting Equipment:
    Beckman Coulter "Astrios EQ" 18-color high speed cell sorter, in Baker BSC enclosure
  • Analytic cytometers:
    BD "LSRII" 16-color cytometer
    Cytek "Aurora" 25+ color cytometer
    Beckman Coulter "Cytoflex" 13-color cytometer
    BD "FACScan" 5-color cytometer
  • Fluidigm “BioMark” microscale single-cell real-time gPCR analyzer for targeted gene transcription, genotyping and SNIP detection

Davis College of Biological Sciences Satellite Facility
321 Briggs Hall, College of Biological Sciences, Davis

  • Analytic Cytometer:
    BD “Canto II” 6-color cytometer

UC Davis Medical Center

Sacramento Health System Shared Flow Cytometry Resource
Institute for Regenerative Cures, 2921 Stockton Blvd., Suite 1670, Sacramento,
Phone: 916-703-9307

  • Cell Sorting Equipment:
    BD “inFlux” 18-color cell sorter, in HEPA enclosure
    BD “AriaII” 12-color cell sorter
  • Analytic cytometers:
    BD “Fortessa” 18-color cytometer with tube or plate-based sampling
    BD “Canto A” 6-color cytometer