patient supportEmotional reactions to a diagnosis as well as the effects and impact of treatment on your life are common and normal. You may be feeling lost, sad, confused or frustrated or even having a difficult time figuring out where to get information and help.

It may be helpful to talk with on of our registered dietitians who can provide nutrition tips for staying healthy during treatment, including how to deal with treatment-related side effects like dry mouth and poor appetite.

Know that there are people who are trained to help you cope and adjust at the cancer center.

Your emotional wellbeing is important to us — we want to do everything possible to make you comfortable and focused on getting well.

Following are some providers who work at the cancer center and can help you and your love ones:

We offer short-term counseling services for individuals, couples and families. Counseling can play an important role in enhancing overall wellness and improving emotional health. Many patients benefit from a few counseling sessions to identify needs, assist with coping and adjustment, and manage stress related to a cancer diagnosis, treatment, or while in recovery and survivorship. If the need for in-depth counseling or treatment for mental health is identified, we help patients find the right care.

Ask to speak with a social worker at your next appointment or call 916-734-5959.

A psychiatrist has specialized training in mental well-being and can evaluate your need for medication to relieve symptoms related to psychiatric health needs. As well as develop a plan for on-going treatment and follow-up. Our psychiatrist understands cancer treatment and its effects on brain chemistry in addition to behavioral health and can tailor an individualized treatment plan with you.

If you would like to explore this service, discuss your concerns with your oncologist, who can make a referral for you to see the psychiatrist.

Patients undergoing cancer treatment can occasionally experience side effects that impact their ability to eat and process food. Our licensed registered dietitians are available to provide general nutritional counseling during treatment and recovery, assessment of nutritional needs, techniques for coping with the side effects of cancer treatment, prevention of weight loss, and the role of diet and nutrition in promoting health.

If you would like to have a consultation with the dietitian, ask your oncologist for a referral or call 916-734-5959.