Who can help with my study design, analysis, and consultation?

Expertise is available to assist in the development of protocols, statistical plans, data safety monitoring plans, data analysis, and contribute to the statistical sections of grant applications, abstracts, and manuscripts. Contact the Clinical and Translational Science Center Biostatistics.

Where can I request a list of patients for recruitment? 

If you have IRB approval submit a service request to the research data fulfillment team by clicking here.  If you do not have IRB approval start here become familiar with the IRB process.

How do I find health science open data resources that can be used in research?

Open means anyone can freely access, use, modify and share for any purpose.  There are many high-utility open data sets that are free and easily accessible to inform research. We encourage researchers to become familiar with what is available in open data to help form research questions, conduct research and analysis.

Please contact the UC Davis Blaisdell Medical Library who can answer any questions on the topic of open data. 

I need to request data retrieval services for research?

UC Davis researchers can acquire patient data for research from the electronic medical record (EMR). The source and type of data needed dictate the process to access the data. It is necessary to understand the types of data available, sources of data, and process to gain access to data.

After required training, researchers may request access to Cohort Discovery and the Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) Network, two self-service tools that can be used to conduct queries based on database fields in a repository of de-identified patient data. The output of these tools is a numeric count of patients that matches the criteria identified in the query, sorted by site (if more than one site is included in the query). The numeric counts can be used to assess the feasibility of a study or hypotheses by identifying whether there are sufficient prospective subjects based upon the criteria input during the query process.

I am a UC Davis main campus researcher. How can I request network access?

Since UC Davis Main Campus faculty and staff do not typically have a Health System Active Directory (HSAD) Account, it is necessary to request remote access. Instructions can be found here.

I need assistance in creating a data management plan?

First it is important to become familiar with the elements of data management and best practices in data management. Once you have a basic understanding of what is expected from researchers you can send your question or comment to the CTSC Concierge.

None of these. I am looking for something else.

The Clinical and Translational Science Center has a concierge service that can help.