REDCap training is now available through LMS online. Log into LMS Online and search for REDCap. Completion of this online course is required for REDCap access. Visit our REDCap page for more information and links data/redcap.html

Please see our tip sheets for all Cogito Tools (Epic Analytics Catalog, SlicerDicer, Reporting Workbench, Radar) and for processes like how to request data, access to content or tools, and research specific data workflows (e.g. de-identified data).

Research Preparation—tools, and things to consider

  • IRB information: The IRB, under the UC Davis Office of Research, safeguards the rights and welfare of all human research subjects and has the authority to approve, require modifications in, or disapprove all research activities that fall within their jurisdiction. IRB Resources Library
  • Reliance IRB: Sites and personnel who are not part of UC Davis are not covered by UC Davis’ IRB review unless certain agreements are in place. If your project or study involves collaboration with any sites and/or personnel outside of UC Davis, you will need to work with the UC Davis IRB and the other individual/institution to ensure that all reliance issues are addressed.
  • Compliance (Prep to research): Preparatory to Research approval should be used if you want to look at protected health information (PHI) for research purposes, such as evaluating whether a research project is feasible or not, identifying prospective research participants for the purposes of study development or to design data collection forms. CTSC Assist Application
  • REDCap (Training): REDCap (the Research Electronic Data Capture HIPAA compliant database tool) now has on line training via UC Davis LMS.
  • REDCap Project Level Agreement (PDF): The Project Level Agreement covers the basics of the PI's responsibilities for using REDCap for approved research. 
  • Cohort Discovery: Cohort Discovery training and access is covered during an in person training session with Research IT personnel. Class registration and information
  • Cohort Discovery (PDF, internal link): Cohort Discovery Confidentiality agreement covers the importance of protecting PHI, following HIPAA compliance, and UC Davis Health policies and procedures. Cohort Discovery Confidentiality agreement
  • Research fulfillment request via Service Catalog (PDF): To access EMR research datasets, investigators will need to fill out forms in Service Catalog to make a Research Fulfillment request