Data Reporting Tools and Resources

Researchers can discover and acquire patient data for research from the electronic medical record (EMR) as well as with regional and national partners. The source and type of data needed dictate the process to access the data. It is necessary to understand the types of data available, sources of data, and process to gain access to data.

  • ACT - Accrual for Clinical Trials (coming Winter 2018) - a national version of Cohort Discovery now indexing 27 medical centers and counting)
  • pScanner: web based query tool using the OMOP data terminology, hosted by UCSD with UCD as a partner.
  • Biorepository inventories: UC Davis biospecimen resource database.
  • UCD EPIC Clarity resources for research (Contact for consultation)
  • UCD EPSI: Hospital online budget database tool. (Contact for consultation)