Professional Photo of Dr. HaponyukAnastasiya (Stacy) Haponyuk, MD, University of New Mexico School of Medicine

The beauty in combined IM-Psych training is that it allows you to practice truly holistic medicine. Growing up in Ukraine, New Jersey, and subsequently the southwest United States, I have had the unique opportunity to see how integrated practice differs internationally and across the United States. Living in these different places taught me that more could be done to unify patient care, especially when it comes to the treatment of substance use disorders.

Substance use disorders do not develop in a vacuum and therefore should not be treated as an isolated concern. Effectively treating substance use disorders means addressing the complex interplay of thought processes, family dynamics, psychiatric and physical comorbidities that are intrinsic and individual to each patient.

I am excited to be a part of the UC Davis Med-Psych family, where I can continue to develop my skills as a more compassionate and holistic provider in a supportive and close-knit community. In the future, I plan to work as an internist, psychiatrist, advocate, offering comprehensive addiction treatment to marginalized patient populations.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy running, listening to audiobooks, yoga, and discovering the best taco restaurants. Given the mix of beautiful nature and cultural diversity that California offers, UCD is the perfect place to continue my training.

Professional Photo of Dr. LundbergBritany Lundberg, MD, UC Davis School of Medicine

Motivated by my experience growing up in Northern California, I dedicated time in medical school to serving rural communities across California. As I explored and learned about medicine and psychiatry in these communities, I was unable to separate these two specialties. Simultaneously addressing body, mind, and soul in one place overcomes many obstacles that reduce access to care, especially in rural communities. At one clinic, one person can have the whole of their needs addressed by one ever evolving and multifaceted plan. I am most grateful for the opportunity to continue my training at UC Davis. UC Davis is the perfect place to explore my broader interest in improving access to care through innovative and creative solutions, such as telehealth and integrated care.   

Professional Photo of Dr. CermenoEthan Gabriel Cermeño, MD, UC Davis School of Medicine

I am thrilled at the opportunity to train at UC Davis for my combined Internal medicine and Psychiatry residency! I grew up in Guatemala and Southern California (go Lakers!) before making my way up to UC Berkeley for college (go bears!). I fell in love with Northern California and interpreted that it loved me back when I was given the chance to attend UC Davis for medical school. I have never looked back! What stands out to me about the IM/Psych program here is their comprehensive multi-site clinical training, mentorship, and close-knit family atmosphere. Of course, being less than an hour drive from every possible ecological niche is impossible to beat too! For my career, I envision myself at the front lines of the medical system as a primary care internist and psychiatrist who not only aims to improve the delivery of integrated behavioral and general health services to patients, but also as an advocate for marginalized patient populations focused on eliminating the socioeconomic barriers to their health.

Professional Photo of Dr. PeckGarrett Peck, MD, UC Davis School of Medicine

Internal medicine teaches you care for the body and psychiatry teaches you care for the mind and soul. When I was a 6th grade teacher in the South Bronx, NY, I realized that problems are rarely unifactorial, so effectively solving complex problems requires innovative thinking and approaching problems from multiple fronts. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to further learn how to integrate psychiatric and medical healthcare and continue at UCD Health.

Professional Photo of Dr. WongKelsey Wong, DO, Western University of Health Sciences

With combined training in internal medicine and psychiatry, I hope to bridge a gap in care for patients with co-morbid medical and psychiatric illnesses. I'm excited to be at UC Davis for its focus on integrated care, which allows trainees to developing a unique perspective on the applications of combined training. I was also inspired by the program's strong commitment to patient advocacy through resident and faculty involvement in organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, American College of Physicians, and the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry. It is so inspiring to be a part of a community that cares deeply about patients and also provides such a supportive environment for trainees.

Professional photo of Dr. Hsieh

Jackie Hsieh-Wong, MD, UC Davis School of Medicine

I am delighted to have matched here at UC Davis for IM/Psych! I was initially drawn to med-psych after seeing how intertwined mental and physical health were on the wards and in clinic. I now eventually hope to use my training to provide both medical and psychiatric care as a primary care provider or hematologist/oncologist for the urban underserved. I chose UC Davis for multiple reasons; however, the primary reason was the people. The faculty and my co-residents here are not only amazingly brilliant and patient-centered clinicians, but also compassionate and supportive individuals. But don’t just take my word for it — come see for yourself!

Professional photo of Dr. AdamsMatthew Adams, MD, Duke University School of Medicine

UC Davis initially caught my interest due to the opportunity to practice outpatient IM/Psych in clinic; I could find nowhere else in the nation where such an opportunity was available. Sacramento is also an awesome place for my wife and three kids, and UC Davis faculty mentors have been wonderful with regard to supporting me as a father. During medical school I had interests in healthcare leadership, primary care, community engagement, and public health, and I continue to pursue these interests here, as well as adding new interests such as doing asylum evaluations and the treatment of childhood and adult trauma. UC Davis offers mentorship in a broad range of interests for trainees, be they research, QI, personal/familial, leadership, clinical, social, advocacy, educational, or public health.

Professional Photo of Dr. TurJames Tur, MD, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

I chose a combined program in internal medicine and psychiatry because I have a desire to treat patients at the crossroads of these two specialties. Whether facing a terminal diagnosis, experiencing prolonged homelessness, or simply being unlucky enough to struggle with mental illness and physical disease, patients need to understand the interaction of the mind and the body in order to begin the healing process. I chose UC Davis because of its strong internal medicine and psychiatry programs as well as its location adjacent to the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountains.


Professional Photo of Dr. KimJoseph Kim, MD, UC Davis School of Medicine

I am biased because I am a Sacramento native and my family still lives in the area. However, I was and am incredibly excited to have matched at UC Davis because the program already feels like my second family. Everyone from my fellow residents to the faculty and ancillary staff create a friendly environment where we can learn as young physicians and focus our efforts on taking care of the patient and still have a well-balanced lifestyle. Growing up in Sacramento, I never thought I'd return, but it continues to surprise me with all it has to offer from new hip bars and restaurants to easily accessible outdoor activities and its close proximity to San Francisco/Tahoe. You should take a gander, you won't regret it!

Luther Arms, MD, UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis impressed me as a place with collegial, driven and community- minded people. I was drawn to Med-psych as a field that is personally rewarding and full of professional opportunity. That spirit is evident in my fellow combined residents, a group of incredibly funny, intelligent and genuine people. The faculty here value the unique perspective the combined programs bring and there is a lot going on here in combined training – research, med-psych clinics, primary care psychiatry and integrated care. As a Seattleite used to dreariness and mild summers, Sacramento has taken some getting used to, but it’s a fantastically diverse city that is rapidly changing. There is tons of stuff to do: fantastic restaurants and bars, wine tasting 20 minutes away, river floating, bike riding and awesome farmer’s markets. I am glad you’re interested and look forward to meeting you!