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Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency

Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program

Combined internal medicine psychiatry resident physicians.

Thank you for visiting our website! Our five-year combined Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program graduates are board-eligible for both specialties and serve as liaisons between them. They become experts in a unique third field – the integration of medicine and psychiatry – where they produce scholarly works and champion breaking down the silos between physical and mental healthcare.

Our subpages highlight what makes our Combined Med/Psych Residency unique: our dynamic residents committed to whole-person care and diverse clinical experiences. Furthermore, Sacramento is California's state capitol and a diverse community growing with professionals and families. I encourage you to explore our categorical Internal Medicine Residency and Psychiatry Residency webpages, as our combined residents benefit from both programs' learning, strength, and camaraderie. We also join the Family Medicine/Psychiatry residents and faculty weekly to learn together and discuss the rewards and challenges of holistically thinking about and treating our patients. Our residents have access to incredible faculty from multiple departments, specialized tracks and commitment to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in psychiatry and medicine. Applicants are highly encouraged to co-apply to our categorical programs as they share key features of our clinical experiences, culture, mission and values.

Our Mission

We train outstanding combined physicians who care for their patient's mental and physical health needs, particularly underserved populations, through clinical service, education, and scholarly pursuits.

Our Values

The Med/Psych residents come to our program endeavoring to provide whole-person care and to be exposed to diverse experiences with underserved populations. Our breadth of clinical sites in public and private sectors exposes residents to gaps in our healthcare systems. It helps residents recognize their roles in addressing social determinants of health. Residents get extensive experience in under-resourced settings to learn and apply their unique skills.

  • Graduates will continue to work in the breadth of clinical settings, particularly in the academic and public sectors.
  • Train our residents to provide complex and underserved populations with whole-person care.
  • Our residents will be supported in their pathway to become outstanding educators and leaders at the interface of medicine and psychiatry.

I hope you get a sense from our website of what makes our combined program unique, but if you would like to learn more, please call 916-734-7080 or e-mail

Jeremy DeMartini, M.D.
Program Director

Residency Program Leadership