Incoming Student Requirements

New Student Checklist updated for the Class of 2027!

MyRecordTracker for Compliance

As we get closer to your medical school start date, we will send you a link to activate your myRecordTracker account. While you wait for your account, please gather your immunization information as listed below under Health & Immunization Information. If you have not completed these requirements in the past, make an appointment with your PCP as soon as possible to get them done. Some immunizations are date-specific and this information is listed on the form provided.

All students must remain in compliance with required items at all times. You will receive upcoming and overdue notices from your myRecordTracker account once it is activated. Please upload documents of your compliance items on or before their due date.


Need technical help with uploading documents or your password? Email

Have questions about your compliance requirements? Email

Required Student Release

All students are required to complete the Permission to Release Education Record Information form.  Please email completed forms to

Insurance Information

All students enrolled in the University of California must maintain insurance at all times. Visit the UCD SHIP page for more information on student insurance options.

California Residency Information for Tuition Purposes

To establish your California residence, you must be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen who has been physically present in the state for more than one year, and you must be able to provide convincing evidence that your intent for the entire year has been to establish a permanent residence in California. If your parents do not meet the University's requirements for residence for tuition purposes, you must also be financially independent, as defined by the UC Office of General Counsel.

Detailed information regarding all of the requirements is published on the web site of the Office of the University Registrar.

If you are a current applicant to UC Davis, we recommend that you read this information in its entirety. You are encouraged to read the section titled, Establishing Residence for Tuition Purposes

Keep in mind that a decision on your residence status is not determined until after you have accepted an offer of admission to the University and completed a Statement of Legal Residence.

Please contact a Residence Deputy with questions regarding immigration/eligibility, physical presence and intent requirements.


Statement of Legal Residence

All incoming medical students are required to submit a completed Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) by June 30. A UC Davis e-mail account is required to file the SLR. If you have established UC Davis computing and e-mail accounts, you can open and log on to the on-line Statement of Legal Residence Form.

To review the UC residence requirement information, visit the UC Davis Registrar’s website.

Health & Immunization Information

Evidence of all health requirements/immunizations are due by June 30, 2023.

Copies of Immunization Records or Lab Results may be submitted in lieu of the Health Requirement Form or in supplement to the Form. If you use the Health Requirement Form below, your PCP must sign and stamp the form. If any immunizations are completed after your PCP's original signauture, please provide your PCP a new form to complete and sign with that additional information. 

Please start the process of getting the required immunizations, titers, and testing started as soon as you have been admitted. Specifically, complete the Hepatitis B titer as soon as possible to determine if additional vaccinations are required. Please note that there are several items that cannot be completed until you are within 90 Days of your official Start Date.  Start Dates vary.

Required Online Training

The following required trainings will be assigned to you during your first quarter enrolled. You will receive reminders via your UC Davis email address. All three trainings must be completed annually.  Once completed, you must upload the certificate to your myRecordTracker account. The School of Medicine Registrar's Office tracks all training requirements.  Not completing requirements on time may result in registraration or transcript holds.
  • Privacy and Security Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Medical Centers
  • UC Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals
All trainings will be available through the UC Davis LMS. The Registrar's Office will assign these trainings and will add the due date to your myRecordTracker account.

Updating Lived Name

For further information, visit the Office of the University Registrar web page.

UC Davis recognizes that many of its students use a first name other than their legal first name.

Therefore, the university provides students to choose to identify themselves within the university’s information systems with a lived (preferred) name in addition to their legal name. It is further understood that the student's lived (preferred name) should be used in university communications and reporting, except where the use of the legal name is necessitated by university business or legal requirement.

This name will appear instead of legal name in the UC Davis Campus Directory and in other university records and documents. Some records, such as paychecks or financial aid, that require the use of a legal name, will not change to lived (preferred name).

You may specify your lived (preferred) first name by editing the UC Davis Campus Directory. By updating your display first name in the directory, this will serve as your lived (preferred) name, and it will appear in your directory profile and other records.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my lived (preferred) name_ appear in university systems?
Once you set a lived (preferred name), allow 48-72 hours for it to be displayed in other systems.

Will my lived (preferred) name appear or be used everywhere in university systems?
Not at this time. The university is currently working towards a solution to have lived (preferred) name appear in all university systems. 

How can I set my lived (preferred) name?
Using the UC Davis Campus Directory, search for your name, and then select Update my UC Davis directory listing. Edit the First Name field, and then select Submit to set your lived (preferred name). This change will propagate systems that use the lived (preferred) name within 48-72 hours.

May I specify a lived (preferred) middle or last name?
Not at this time. Lived (preferred) name only applies to your first name at this time. The university is currently working towards a solution to change your lived (preferred) last name.  Although you may edit your middle and last display name in the UC Davis Campus Directory, these names will not propagate into other university systems.

Can I set my lived (preferred) name to whatever I want?
Students may determine and designate a lived (preferred) name that they want to be known by in university systems. The University reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language, or is being used for misrepresentation.

When/why will campus departments use my legal name?
Some campus departments interact with, and send reports to federal, State and other government agencies that verify the identity of students using the legal name.

How do I get a new AggieCard with my lived (preferred) name?
After setting your lived (preferred) name in the UC Davis Campus Directory, please allow 48-72 hours for your lived (preferred) name to propagate to the Student AggieCard system. Request a new AggieCard at the AggieCard Office in 253 Memorial Union.

How much does a new AggieCard cost?
A $15.00 replacement fee will apply.

How do I update my name on my email address?

The article below covers how (and where) the student will need to submit the request from. The section for the Mail ID Rename/Change is close to the bottom and there is link to the form needing completion.

KB0000224 : Name, Email or LoginID Rename/Change

There is a restriction on prefixes for email addresses, which limits the prefix to a maximum of 3 characters, and then the last name.

Mandatory Long Term Disability Insurance

Disability insurance fees are mandatory and apply to M.D. students only. The annual disability insurance fee will be assessed to medical student accounts every fall quarter. The School of Medicine M.D. Degree Program Student Fee Schedule includes information concerning disability insurance fee rates and availability, which is offered during orientation.  Please email for more information on disability insurance.

Technical Standards

Please read the technical standards in the link below carefully:

Academic Calendar