Our Lung-lead Clinic Screens Patients And Manages Potentially Cancerous Nodules

The UC Davis Lung Cancer and Lung Nodule Early Detection (Lung-LEAD) Clinic is a specialized UC Davis Health service that we created to detect and manage lung nodules and potential lung cancer. The primary goal of this advanced screening facility is to make sure that you and other patients receive timely and effective care, in order to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

The Lung-LEAD Clinic is at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute recognized institution known for its cutting-edge care and research.

Telehealth Services

To maximize convenience and accessibility for you and other patients, we conduct most of our consultations by telehealth — video visits. That allows patients to receive expert advice and care without having to travel, making the process smoother and more efficient.

In-person Visits

While telehealth is convenient, we recognize the importance of face-to-face interactions. Therefore, we also schedule in-person consultations for people who prefer or require them.

For Self-referring Patients And Referring Providers

Patients and Providers can call us at 916-703-7050.

Within the UC Davis Health: Referring providers can send a referral directly through the Electronic Health Record system, MyChart by EPIC.

Whether you’re a patient seeking guidance or a provider looking to refer a patient, the Lung-LEAD Clinic is here to provide comprehensive support and care.