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Clinical Trials

Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Patients can participate in clinical trials investigating new treatments

UC Davis lung cancer doctors are relentlessly pursuing breakthrough treatments at the forefront of lung cancer research. Our thoracic oncology specialists conduct clinical trials investigating newly developed therapies, many of which become standards of care recognized nationally and internationally.

Clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute are available to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center patients for almost every situation and stage of lung cancer. We are currently conducting trials with next-generation targeted therapy and immunotherapy drugs in our quest to cure our lung cancer patients and help all of them lead fuller, healthier lives.

Clinical Trials

UC Davis: advancing cancer care through clinical trials

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center has a large clinical trials network, offering patients access to the newest drugs and treatments before they become widely available. The cancer center participates in two National Cancer Institute-sponsored adult clinical trials groups: the SWOG Cancer Research Group, made up of more than 1,300 leading cancer treatment and research institutions throughout North America, and the NRG Oncology cooperative group, comprising more than 1,000 member sites.

Our physicians also conduct novel clinical trials through the California Oncology Consortium, a research collaboration that also includes the City of Hope National Cancer Center in Duarte, California, and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Knowledge and advances generated and shared through these cooperative groups benefit all of our patients who have thoracic malignancies. Our researchers recurrently conduct or participate in trials investigating three therapeutic methods.

Types Of Clinical Trials

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Clinical trial approaches include immunotherapy designed to harness the body’s immune system to target and destroy cancer cells.

Targeted Therapy

Researchers are identifying and targeting specific genetic mutations and biomarkers that drive lung cancer growth. We develop precision medicine approaches with targeted therapies designed to inhibit cell signaling pathways that drive lung cancer, thereby offering highly personalized treatment approaches.

Imaging and Radiation Trials

We are investigating novel ways to improve imaging of lung cancer and to more efficiently direct radiation to lung cancer cells.