A rigorous three-year accelerated pathway through medical school for students committed to careers in primary care.

We use the term primary care to include General Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and General Pediatrics. As the program grows, we will expand to address other areas of workforce need.

There are more similarities than differences between the two programs. ACE-PC students will complete all of the same pre-clerkship requirements as students in the four-year M.D. program. ACE-PC students will also complete all six traditional clerkship rotations – although the timing and duration will differ slightly. The classic fourth year of medical school is shortened and includes only two acting internships and two elective rotations.

For students who know that they will pursue a career in primary care after medical school, ACE-PC allows them to earn the MD degree and gain the competencies for a primary care internship through a three-year tailored pathway rather than the classic four -year pathway. ACE-PC students will work very hard but will have one less year in medical school. ACE-PC students will start working in Kaiser primary care clinics within the first few weeks of starting the program and will continue these clinics for 3 years.

Students will be immersed in Kaiser's integrated health care system and patient-centered medical home model to promote seamless integration between medical education and clinical practice. Unique curricular content will include population management, chronic disease management, quality improvement, patient safety, team-based care and preventive health skills with special emphasis on diverse and underserved populations.

We will admit the first cohort of ACE-PC students to start in June 2014. Classes start eight weeks before the classic orientation. We expect that ACE-PC student will start during the first week of June 2014.

In the first year, we will accept four students who are committed to a career in primary care.

No. ACE-PC students will continue course and clinical work during this summer break.

Yes. Like the four-year M.D. program students, you will also have a 2-week winter break each year.

You must first be accepted into the classic four-year M.D. program. You will be invited to express an interest in the ACE-PC program on the UCDSOM secondary application. Once accepted to the UCDSOM four-year M.D. program, you may be invited to submit a formal application to the ACE-PC program.

For the ACE-PC class entering in 2014, residency positions will be available in primary care internal medicine. In future years, we will expand to include other primary care and non-primary care careers.

If you change your mind before the third year, you can choose to move to the classic four-year M.D. program. If you change your mind after completing all requirements, you will need to match into a residency program. However, since the program is new and only one of a few around the country, we do not yet know how other residency programs will view your application. You may need to delay residency by one year. It is strongly recommended that you feel quite certain about your primary care career intent before applying to ACE-PC.

Students who fail to make satisfactory progress may be moved into the four-year M.D. program.

You acceptance offer to the four-year M.D. program will not be affected.

Annual tuition costs will be identical to the tuition costs associated with the four-year M.D. program, with the exception that the first year cost will be slightly higher since ACE-PC students will be starting eight weeks earlier.

You will be eligible for the same financial aid packages offered to the four -year M.D. pathway students provided you complete the financial aid application. Students will first receive a financial aid package covering their four years of school at UC Davis. Your financial aid package will be revised into the three-year pathway if you are accepted into ACE-PC.

Rebecca Miller
Longitudinal Curriculum Manager