Scholarly Project Funding

Community Health Scholars students are eligible for funding support for Scholarly Projects per project per year!

General Policies:

  • Each student can apply for up to $250 per project per year to support expenses  
  • Funds can be used for supplies, food (excluding alcohol), or honoraria for invited speakers and community teachers and must comply with University of California – Policy BUS 79 Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment, and Other Occasions. Funds must be expended and submitted for reimbursement to OME by May 1 of that academic year.  
  • Please be aware that all awardees must submit mid-year reports of current and future expenses, as well as receipts for reimbursement.  
  • Students must adhere to the School of Medicine absence policies for pre-clerkship and clerkship year
  • Please note: students who are requesting funding to present their scholarly work at a conference should fill out the "Conference Funding" request below and not this request link.

Submit a request for scholarly project funding here:


Conference Funding

Community Health Scholars students can apply for funding to attend a conference each year. We highly encourage students to apply as soon as they know their needs as the funding is capped depending on the funding allocated each fiscal year. 


General Policies:

  • Each CHS student can apply for up to $250 per year to support attendance and travel to conferences.  

  • To be eligible, students must apply for the following two travel awards first if applicable for their conference:  

Submit a request for conference funding here: