The Prospective Students page has information regarding the application process as well as program information. There is more information in the drop down menu on the left of the page as well. If you have specific questions, I would be happy to answer them or forward them on to the program director.

The requirements for the Letters of Recommendation are the same as the MD only program (3-6 LORs allowed; at least one from a physician or clinician recommended.)

The process is that you apply to UC Davis SOM indicating interest in the MD/PhD program and completing the supplementary essays.  If you pass the initial screening by the school, the application is then sent to the MD/PhD committee for secondary screening and interview requests.  So, in short, you don't need to do anything beyond what AMCAS requires.

The average GPA: 3.78 and MCAT: 88%. 

No preference on type of research - it's the quality and commitment that counts.

You have to have the prerequisites for medical school completed, some research related to a biology question, and a rational path forward on using your knowledge and skills in medicine and research.

M.D./Ph.D. applications are considered for the M.D./Ph.D. program only.  If you don’t get an interview with M.D./Ph.D. (about 30% get interviews), then you are NOT automatically considered for M.D. only.

The school requires that you go through the process of applying to a graduate group in the first part of your second year.  This is, in part, administrative, and in part because students often don't know which graduate group they'll be joining, or change/make up their mind after starting medical school.  Every M.D./Ph.D. applicant has been admitted to the graduate group of their choice, without exception, so I wouldn't be concerned about it.  The graduate groups cherish our M.D./Ph.D. students as they're often the best students they get.

Yes, any field as long as it’s related to medical/biological sciences. e.g can be public health, etc.

International students are accepted only under rare circumstances. All of their prerequisites need to come from an accredited school and they are not fully funded- their tuition isn't covered as they can't be California residents.

UC Davis provides a stipend ($29,000 year 1, increasing over time) during the medical school years as well as a tuition waiver.  Support during the Ph.D. graduate years is up to the student, major professor and graduate group.